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    If you are going to study in the UK, you must apply through the UCAS application system. It consists of several elements, such as the names of the universities and courses you want to apply to, your personal details and education history, as well as a cover letter and references. See how to get a letter of recommendation for studies, whereby you will be admitted to your dream university in England.

    What are references?

    Reference it’s a different letter of recommendation. Whereby the admissions committee tries to get to know the candidates for studies better and selects those people who will be admitted to a given university in England. Although references are rarely used in Poland, in Great Britain they are a permanent element of recruitment for studies.

    References have one basic purpose – to tell the university what teachers or other representatives of your educational or professional environment think of you. The point, of course, is to show that you are a person:

    • hardworking,
    • reliable,
    • responsible,
    • mature,
    • with knowledge and skills that allow you to continue your education outside your own country.

    Please note that references must be written in English. Their optimal length should not be longer than 4000 characters.

    If the recommendation letter is well written, your chances of studying at your dream university will increase significantly. How to get such references?

    Where to get references?

    Your UK study reference should come from a person of public trust. Most often it is a teacher, professor, trainer, or employer. If you are socially active in your town, you can even ask the school principal or the city president for them. On the other hand, English speakers are most often asked to write references, due to their knowledge of the English language.

    However, it is important that the person writing your testimonial knows exactly what should be in it. But don’t count on your teacherі to figure it out on their own. Instead, explain to them exactly what this letter of recommendation means to you. Tell, for which studies and for which field you are applying and what is your choice due to. Provide a list of your own achievements, as the author of the testimonial may not be aware of them. Especially if you’ve been doing a lot of work outside of school, eg. as part of volunteering.

    What information must be included in references?

    A well-written letter of recommendation is concise and contains some specific information. One of them is presentation of the relationship that connects you with the author of the reference, including emphasizing how long and how far you know each other.

    In addition, references must include information about your achievements and accomplishments. It doesn’t have to be the Olympics or medals at sports competitions. Systematic study, participation in extracurricular activities, as well as showing your progress to study is also an achievement. If there is anything that shows your determination and commitment, it is worth including it in the recommendation letter for studies in Great Britain.

    Also, don’t forget to make sure that your references include a paragraph on your English language skills, both spoken and written. This is also a good place to mention language certificates if you have any.

    The reference letter should also include:

    • assessment of your preparation for studies and the accuracy of the choice of the field of study – information on your interests and successes related to them, in the context of your chosen field of study in England)
    • assessment of your capabilities – information about your knowledge, characteristics, ambitions, and skills that will help you succeed at a university in a foreign country.

    Reference Scheme?

    What should well-written references look like? Of course, it should consist of an introduction, middle part, and conclusion, and the whole letter should be divided into short paragraphs. Below is the correct reference scheme. You can show it to the author of your recommendation letter. You will greatly facilitate the task in this way!


    – short presentation of the relationship that connects you with the author of the reference, including emphasizing how long and how far you know each other.

    Middle part:

    – a general description of the candidate, presenting him as a hardworking, reliable, responsible, and mature person, preferably on a specific example (systematic playing of an instrument, involvement in additional projects, and even ordinary tasks during daily lessons),

    – achievements and accomplishments of the candidate for studies,

    – additional information that distinguishes the candidate for studies from other students.


    – supporting the candidate’s application for a given field of study,

    – determination of the English level (speaking and writing),

    – expressing hope that the candidate will be admitted to study at a given university.

    And finally, the most important point. Never ever copy ready-made testimonials from the Internet! By deciding to take such a step, you are ruining your chances of studying in the UK.

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