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    Student discounts UK


    College is one of the most colorful and enjoyable times in life. Especially if you plan to study at one of the UK universities. This is the time when adult life begins, but still without the commitments and restrictions that come with starting a “serious” job, developing a business, or having a family. It can be said that college is a period of great freedom while minimizing responsibility.

    However, enjoying the fullness of student life costs money. And the cost of living in the UK, especially in London, is not inconsiderable. Does this imply that when you come to study in England, you might find yourself envious of others who can fully participate in the cultural and entertainment life of the UK, while you struggle to make ends meet, juggling between studying and working non-stop? Fortunately, England is a very friendly place for students. For this reason, going to study in the UK. you can count on many discounts and various forms of subsidies.

    The cost of studying and living

    Unlike in Poland, studies in England are paid. Fortunately, universities have a wide range of scholarships, you can use. On top of that, there’s an attractive tuition fee loan that fully covers the cost of studying in the UK. This credit is a Tuition Fee Loan that is repaid only after graduation, on very favorable terms. You can read more about it here.

    In addition, the UK helps financially to support the country. All you need to do is find a job where you will spend only 10-15 hours a week. Then you can count on an additional loan for maintenance, known as a Maintenance Loan. A maintenance loan, depending on your family’s financial situation and where you live in the UK, it can be as much as £11,000 a year. Check what criteria you need to meet in order to get such funding

    Discounts for students

    As you can see, the sheer cost of studying and living in the UK need not be a problem. But that’s not all. As a student in the UK, you can count on a whole range of discounts, and due to them, you will enjoy a cultural and entertainment life in England. Student status entitles you to, among other things. To:

    • Public transportation discounts,
    • exemptions under council tax,
    • cheaper subscriptions, such as. Spotify,
    • Discounts on food, clothing,
    • You may also enjoy promotions and discounts when purchasing tickets for concerts or events.

    Discounts for students

    When studying in the UK, consider taking advantage of student discounts under the TOTUM scheme and UNiDAYS. Both options provide a wide range of discounts that significantly reduce the cost of student life in England.


    TOTUM is one of the discount programs offered by the student organization NUS. The discounts are nationwide. You can join the program by registering on the website. However, you will most likely receive a relevant invitation to the email address your university will assign to you.

    You can use the TOTUM program free of charge for the first 12 months. In subsequent years, you will only have to pay £15 per year for a TOTUM membership. One major purchase is enough for this amount to be recouped.

    As part of the program, you will receive discounts through a special card that bears your unique membership number. In addition, the card also has an international ISIC card, which will allow you to enjoy many discounts in Poland up to 50%.

    What are the benefits of belonging to the TOTUM program? This includes:

    – Free access to Amazon Prime for 6 months,

    – 10% discount at Co-op grocery stores,

    – Discounts at selected restaurants of up to 50%.


    UNiDAYS also offers many discounts, but unlike the TOTUM program, it is completely free. To take advantage of the discounts, simply register on the program’s website. Using UNiDAYS, you can count on:

    – Discounts of up to 30% at clothing stores,

    – A discount of up to 50% on Apple Music,

    – Discounts of up to 10% on Macs and iPads.

    By choosing to study in the UK, you have the chance to gain invaluable knowledge and work experience. However, this is not all. In 3 years of study, you have a chance to learn English very well and meet people from all over the world. Additionally, this is a priceless opportunity to interact with British culture and art. And most importantly, all of this is available at an alluring price. You need to know how to use it.

    Student Finance in the UK: Navigating Affordability with Ease

    • Tuition Fee Loan:

    Definition: The Tuition Fee Loan covers 100% of the tuition fees charged by the chosen university, leveling the playing field for all institutions.

    Accessibility: Open to EU citizens not holding a previous bachelor’s or master’s degree, this loan facilitates access to top-notch education without an upfront financial burden.

    When embarking on your academic journey in the UK, understanding the intricacies of student finance is crucial for a seamless experience. Fortunately, the UK offers a comprehensive framework to support students financially. Here’s a breakdown of key components:

    • Maintenance Loan:

    What is it? A Maintenance Loan is designed to cover living expenses, offering financial support beyond tuition fees.

    Eligibility: Available to students meeting specific criteria, including EU citizenship, enrollment in a UK university, and not exceeding 60 years of age.

    Repayment: The repayment process is favorable, commencing one year after graduation. Payments are income-dependent, with a threshold ensuring manageability.

    • Scholarships:

    Opportunities: Universities in the UK actively offer a range of scholarships, easing the financial load for deserving students.

    Application: The application process typically involves demonstrating academic excellence, leadership, or specific talents.

    • Student Discounts:

    TOTUM and UNiDAYS: These platforms provide exclusive discounts, making the student lifestyle more affordable.

    Benefits: Enjoy discounts on groceries, clothing, technology, and even entertainment subscriptions.

    Maximizing Financial Support:

    Understanding the amalgamation of Maintenance Loans, Tuition Fee Loans, Scholarships, and Student Discounts is essential. Combining these resources ensures not only financial stability during your academic tenure but also paves the way for a fulfilling student experience in the UK.

    Edu4u is your go-to guide for unraveling the intricacies of student finance, ensuring you make informed decisions and make the most of the financial support available. Dive into your academic adventure with confidence, knowing that financial hurdles are met with tailored solutions.

    Working International Students and Blended Mode: Navigating Financial Independence

    For international students in the UK, the prospect of earning while studying can significantly enhance the overall university experience. Engaging in part-time work not only provides financial support but also adds a valuable dimension to your time abroad. Here’s how working international students, particularly those in blended mode, can strike a balance between academics and employment:

    1. Part-Time Employment Opportunities:

       – Blended Mode Flexibility: The blended mode of study often allows for more flexibility in scheduling, providing international students with the opportunity to seek part-time employment.

       – Enhanced Practical Experience: Working alongside your studies offers practical exposure, enriching your academic journey with real-world insights.

    1. National Insurance Number (NIN):

       – Legal Work Requirement: To work legally in the UK, international students need a National Insurance Number (NIN). This identification is crucial for tax purposes and is often a prerequisite for employment.

       – Application Process: Obtaining a NIN is a straightforward process and is usually free of charge. Applying through Jobcentre Plus ensures compliance with legalities.

    1. Blended Mode and Time Management:

       – Balancing Act: While blended mode studies provide flexibility, effective time management is essential. Students must allocate sufficient time for both academic commitments and work responsibilities.

       – Enhanced Employability: Successfully managing a blended mode of study alongside employment showcases strong organizational and time-management skills, enhancing future employability.

    1. International Student Support Services:

       – Guidance and Resources: Universities in the UK often have dedicated international student support services. These services offer guidance on legal aspects, work opportunities, and balancing academics with employment.

       – Networking Opportunities: Engaging with international student networks and career services provides a valuable support system for those navigating the challenges of blending work and study.

    Edu4u understands the unique challenges faced by international students pursuing a blended mode of study in the UK. Our comprehensive resources and expert guidance empower students to navigate the complexities of part-time work, ensuring a harmonious blend of academic and professional growth. Dive into the blended mode with confidence, knowing that Edu4u is here to support your journey to financial independence and academic success.

    Q&A: Navigating Student Discounts in the UK

    Leadenhall Market in London, student discounts
    1. What discounts do students get in the UK?

    Students in the UK enjoy a wide array of discounts, including reductions on public transportation, council tax exemptions, and discounted subscriptions for services like Spotify. Additionally, various promotions on food, clothing, and event tickets are often available.

    1. Is UNiDAYS free in the UK?

    Yes, UNiDAYS is a free platform for students in the UK. Registering on the UNiDAYS website allows students to access numerous discounts on clothing, technology, music subscriptions, and more.

      1. What is the best student discount card in the UK?

      TOTUM and UNiDAYS are among the prominent student discount programs in the UK. TOTUM, associated with NUS, offers a card with various benefits, while UNiDAYS provides free access to exclusive discounts.

      1. How to get a student discount card in the UK?

      To obtain a student discount card in the UK, students can sign up for programs like TOTUM or UNiDAYS. TOTUM usually involves a membership fee after the initial free period, while UNiDAYS is entirely free for students.

      1. Can international students get student discounts?

      Yes, international students studying in the UK are eligible for student discounts. Programs like TOTUM and UNiDAYS extend their benefits to international students, enhancing their affordability and overall student experience.

      1. How do student discounts contribute to financial well-being?

      Student discounts play a crucial role in alleviating the financial burden on students. They offer savings on various expenses, making cultural and entertainment experiences more accessible while balancing the costs of studying and living in the UK.

      1. Are there specific discounts for working international students in the UK?

      Working international students in the UK may access discounts related to employment resources, travel, and lifestyle through platforms like TOTUM and UNiDAYS. These programs often collaborate with brands that cater to both students and working professionals.

      Edu4u understands the significance of student discounts in enhancing the overall university experience. Whether you’re a local or international student, our resources guide you through the process of accessing and maximizing the benefits of student discount programs, ensuring you make the most of your academic journey in the UK.

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