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    Get a maintenance loan

    up £15000

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      A best and cheapest way of getting know learning to make a better tomorrow.
      Our aim everyone gets an education.

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      BSc (Hons) Computing

      The BSc (Hons) Computing degree emphasises programming abilities while concentrating on the technical aspects of computing…

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      MSc Cyber Security Management

      The one-year MSc Cyber Security Management program is meant to give business professionals a thorough…

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      Even if you have no prior work or managerial experience, the MBA course has been specifically designed to…

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      LLB (Hons) Law or (with foundation year)

      If you want to practice law or be a barrister, the LLB (Hons) program is the best choice. A Bachelor of Laws, or LLB…

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      Studying in the UK in 2021: what has changed?

      MSc Psychology Conversion Degree

      Are you considering a career in psychology? Or maybe you simply want to learn more about the subject? One excellent place to begin is…

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      BSc (Hons) Psychology or (with foundation year)

      Do you want to learn more about the human mind and the variables that affect human motivation and behaviour?…

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      BA (Hons) Criminology and Psychology or (with foundation year)

      What drives people to act in certain ways? Who is a criminal, exactly? Why do criminals do it? The criminal justice system…

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      How much does an application cost?

      The application and recruitment process is entirely FREE. You don’t need to pay anything. Edu4u doesn’t charge the applicants.

      Can I get a maintenance loan?

      Yes, for settled-status students only a share code is required to receive the maintenance loan. However, for pre-settled status or individuals who are continuously living less than 5 years in the UK the following documents are required:
      – the employment contract
      – payslips/invoices
      – bank statements

      Can I get a tution fee loan?

      If you have pre/settled status or are continuously living in the UK for 3 years you will receive the Tuition Fee Loan.

      Is Study Online eligible for the maintenance loan?

      Unfortunately, not. If you are studying online you can only get the Tuition Fee Loan. You cannot get the maintenance loan.

      Can I apply with poor/low English?

      Edu4u can enrol students with poor English too. We know how to make you accepted at the University or College. So it’s always worth a try even if your English is A2! If you fail the English Assessment you can practice English and prepare yourself to retake the English Assessment.

      How to refer a friend and receive £money?

      Simply send us email: office@edu4u.eu or text Edu4u on Whatsapp.

      Having more questions?