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    Edu4u Ambassador Program

    If you know someone who would like to apply to a British university or college, let us know! We offer our ambassadors £200 to £700 per student. You can recommend friends, and family, or even start recruiting for Edu4u and join our team!
    Our applicants often discovered the opportunity to study in the UK by chance, encountering one of our ambassadors, our website, or through conversations with randomly met individuals.

    How does it work
    1. Locate someone interested in studying in the UK.
    2. Message us on WhatsApp or send an email.
    3. Access promotional materials and your list of applicants.
    4. When your candidate successfully starts their studies, you’ll receive compensation from Edu4u!
    Our commission structure
    1-3 students – £200 per student
    4-9 students – £300 per student
    10-15 students – £500 per student
    16+ students – £700 per student
    You have recruited 11 students:
    11*£500 = 5500 GBP
    You can add up the students in each academic year, which begins in September and ends in August.

    Ambassador Program Pro
    Receive base salary + commission for recruiting students
    Write to us on WhatsApp or by email to join Ambassador Scheme Pro.
    Being a member of our team you will receive:

    • Top ambassadors have the chance for advancement within the organization, granting them early-stage opportunities to gain managerial-level practical experience in their education journey.
    • Full training, starting with the application process and ending with pure marketing issues,
    • Support from other program members,
    • Training and promotional materials,
    • Logistics reimbursement.

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