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    Peter Sheremet

    Origin: Poland

    Chosen University

    Direction of Study

    International Business



    Call me Pablo – I’m Piotrek, 22, and I come from
    Szczecin. I’m a second-year student at De Montfort University.
    Back in high school, I always dreamed of studying in the UK. Lost in daydreams for hours
    of universities and got lost in the multitude of offered courses. Unfortunately
    It always seemed too beautiful to be true, as I was more of a student
    achieving C’s and D’s, and at the thought of wanting to study in England, my friends rather
    reacted with laughter and teasing. Hearing all that, I didn’t overthink and began my studies in
    Poland. After a few months of struggle at the university in my hometown of Szczecin, an opportunity emerged
    to go to the United States for an exchange combined with a language course. Without
    After some contemplation, I applied and half a year after starting my studies, I left for California. After a year
    After my time in the States, I realized I couldn’t see myself in Poland anymore and decided to
    take a risk and apply to several English universities. It turned out that universities in the UK
    look at their students more “holistically,” which means not just focusing on grades, but also on what kind of
    achievements you have and what you represent, and with my quite average
    results, I got accepted to my dream university, DMU, and the program I wanted, which is
    international Business.
    I found my first apartment in literally a few hours. I spoke to one
    Englishman who has just put up an offer that he is looking for housemates in a shared house.Apartment
    cost only £75 a week and it was in the heart of the city and about 15 minutes from the
    univ. Living with four English people for a year brought me closer to English culture and provided me with
    a lot, especially when it comes to improving my language skills.
    An additional aspect that worried me was the financial issue… Of course, living in England
    it’s not the cheapest, and an average Polish breadwinner wouldn’t be able to afford it without
    a job. I was concerned that after starting my studies, I wouldn’t have time to take up a job that would
    allow me to support myself without relying on my parents’ help. It turned out that the classes at my university were
    only 12 hours and just for four days, which allowed me to work around 20-25 hours per week.
    I found a job at ‘Five Guys’ just a few days after moving to Leicester. Work mainly in
    such hours away from my university literally 5 minutes allowed me to
    quiet maintenance and even had a little left over for parties 😉
    Edu4u helped me with the so-called Maintenance loan. Thanks to the living expenses loan, I could afford
    to focus more on what my university offers, and I stopped worrying about my
    finances and even afford successful vacations.
    Direction. Since I’m studying International Business in my first year, my courses consist of
    a bit of everything: Accounting, Management, Business, and Marketing. This provided me with a great overview of
    what I would like to focus on in the future which turned out to be marketing. In the second year, we were already able to
    choose our subjects. Currently, my program consists of six subjects (modules):
    – Brand Management
    – International marketing

    -Contemporary management
    -European business issues
    – Buyer behaviour
    – Supply chain management
    Each is divided into two sections. The first seminars in which we have classes in smaller groups of
    15-20 people and are more focused on practical aspects, while the second component is lectures
    during which lectures are often delivered by individuals who are truly connected to their field.
    Fun fact: Entrepreneurship was taught by a professor who is a millionaire and has built his own.
    fortune through real estate trading.
    I was surprised that there were many lecturers from other countries such as Ireland, Italy, or
    Nigeria, so I felt comfortable speaking my English, which at that time wasn’t yet
    At the level of, “Perfect”. Additionally, the range of opportunities that DMU provides me with. Trips
    foreign, free language learning practicing sports with professional trainers are just a few of the
    a plethora of activities sponsored by my university, making studies more than just
    kind of adventure.
    As I studied a year in Poland I have a little comparison of what teaching can be like.
    unannounced quizzes, pop quizzes, or classes that have absolutely nothing to do with
    your major is something you won’t experience when studying in the UK.
    Additionally, in my first year, I got selected for a delegation to a partner university in
    Beijing. A two-week stay in China was an experience that transformed my life, and also
    a great point on my resume that employers appreciated.
    If someone were to ask me now what was the best decision of my life ,without a second thought
    I would answer that one about studying in England. Even though I’m only in my second year, I can already see how much
    these opportunities offer, and I know that it’s not just a great time but also a gateway to good employment all over