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    BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Psychology

    This course will educate you how to assist and empower people in the workplace while also equipping you with contemporary skills in the closely connected disciplines of human resource management and psychology. You'll learn about the role psychology plays in business and how it can be utilized to enhance staff productivity and business outcomes - all from sector specialists who can give you firsthand knowledge of the business world.

    Human resource management and psychology are two perspectives on human behaviour; one examines behaviour at the organizational level and the other at the individual level. This will be demonstrated in your course modules. The psychological foundations for human resource management, employee engagement and performance, and overall corporate success will be covered in-depth in both of these areas.

    Course Overview

    We consulted some of the top companies in the world today as we were creating this course, including Google, Coca-Cola, and Oracle, to make sure the skills you learn are highly valued and applicable to the workplace right now. The training will examine practical methods for improving performance in the contemporary business environment. You will gain insight into both individual and organizational psychology as important psychological concepts such as occupational psychology, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance, and conflict management are explored.

    Additionally, the course is conducted with consideration for your long-term career and employability. With the help of our business simulation program, SimVenture, you'll get the chance to put your knowledge into practice in a secure setting. This will give you the chance to see firsthand how to manage a firm and overcome any obstacles that may come up. Additionally, there will be frequent guest lecturers who will update you on the most recent developments in the industry, giving you information of the difficulties you may actually encounter in the workplace and important chances for networking and professional growth.


    Level of study

    Start date




    Hours per week



    BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Psychology

    Foundation Year (Y0) / First Year (Y1)

    September, October, November, February, May

    3 or 4 years (with foundation year)


    Weekends, Weekdays or Evenings

    9 - 12h


    Eligible for the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Loan

    Degree BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Psychology

    Level of study: Foundation Year (Y0) / First Year (Y1)

    Start date: September, October, November, February, May

    Duration: 3 or 4 years (with foundation year)

    Location: ONLINE

    Delivery: Weekends, Weekdays or Evenings

    Hours per week: 9 - 12h

    Fees: £6935

    Finances: Eligible for the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Loan


    Foundation year

    ● Academic Skills Practice (20 credits)
    ● Introduction to Numeracy, Data & IT (20 credits)
    ● Introducing Research Skills (20 credits)
    ● Ethics, Working Collaboratively & Values (20 credits)
    ● Crime and Law in Context (20 credits)
    ● Psychology of Everyday Life (20 credits)

    Level 4

    ● Introduction to Studying Psychology (20 credits)
    ● Contemporary Business Environment (20 credits)
    ● Marketing Dynamics (20 credits)
    ● Social Psychology (20 credits)
    ● People Management (20 credits)
    ● Technology & Innovation (20 credits)

    Level 5

    ● Coaching Psychology (20 credits)
    ● Business Start-up (20 credits)
    ● Consumer Insight (20 credits)
    ● People Analytics (20 credits)
    ● Occupational Psychology (20 credits)
    ● Resourcing & Talent Management (20 credits)

    Level 6

    ● Project Management (20 credits)
    ● Future Leaders & Talent Management (20 credits)
    ● Managing Performance and Reward (20 credits)
    ● Cyberpsychology (20 credits)
    ● Political Psychology (20 credits)
    ● Independent Study (20 credits)

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    Entry Requirements

    Standard entry:

    ● At least 3 x GCSEs or 45 credits at Level 2 or equivalent – if your qualifications are older than 3 years we would also ask to see a professional CV.
    ● High School diploma from your native country

    Non-standard entry:

    ● All applicants can apply based on their work experience - 12 months of work experience is required. Consequently, academic qualifications/diploma is not required.
    ● To sum up, you don’t need any qualifications to be accepted at the university or college. You just need to pass English Test - Duolingo.

    English language requirements

    ● All applicants must pass Duolingo English Test. You don’t need to pay for English Test - we provide you with a free voucher.
    ● All applicants must score an overall of 105 points on the Duolingo English Test to be accepted.
    ● All applicants cannot achieve lower scores per each component as per the below table.

    Duolingo Minimum Required Score
    Overall Band 105
    Comprehension 105
    Literacy 95
    Conversation 85
    Production 75


    ● Case studies
    ● Company appraisals
    ● Application to the workplace
    ● Reports
    ● Presentations
    ● Group work
    ● Reviews
    ● Personal audits
    ● Business plans
    ● Podcasts
    ● Marketing Plans
    ● Individual project

    Funding & Fees

    Funding for your studies
    All of the students will receive Student Finance which means that you don't need to pay anything.

    Tuition Fee Loans
    Your tuition fees are paid using a tuition fee loan. This is given to your University or College directly. Only once you have completed your study and are making at least £26,575 per year do loan repayments begin. Students who study full- or part-time may apply

    Maintenance Loan is NOT eligible for studying ONLINE.