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    If you decide to start studying in the UK and are worried that you will be left to your own devices, you are mistaken!

    The English higher education system is demanding, but at the same time, student-friendly. Before making your decision, think carefully about what matters most to you and search for a university that will allow you to achieve your goals. You also don’t have to devote your entire life to studies, even if you are enrolled in full-time courses. You can comfortably combine them with work without neglecting your education. How to find a university tailored to your needs and what solutions can you count on? We are here to help!

    University rankings. What selection criteria should be used?

    The most important thing to consider before you start looking for a specific university in the UK is the course of study. Then you can check which universities specialize in the field of your interest. Next, familiarize yourself with the admission requirements and entry criteria for each of them. Sometimes, additional documents or certificates are required, which you may not have. Doing thorough research will allow you to find out how to apply for studies in England. Don’t hesitate to also seek opinions about the university and rankings. Helpful will be thematic websites or social media groups gathering current and former students. Also, find out what job prospects await you after choosing a specific course. What else should you know about UK colleges?

    Good relationships with the academic staff

    Forget about the traditional student-teacher approach known in Polish schools. British universities are characterized by openness and friendly relationships with lecturers. Not only will you address everyone by their first name regardless of age or title, but you will also be able to easily contact them by email or phone for any matter. Most importantly, English academics are practitioners and recognized experts in their fields, which gives you an incredible opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge. Also, remember that at the beginning of your studies, you will be assigned a so-called “personal tutor.” A “personal tutor” is your direct mentor who you can turn to with any issues throughout your entire period of study. Additionally, you will have individual meetings with them from time to time to discuss both the progress of your studies in the UK and everyday matters.

    Full-time or blended mode studies?

    What do studies in the UK look like

    Many English universities offer their students various modes of learning. Depending on whether you want to dedicate yourself solely to studies and make the most of the academic environment, or if you prefer to combine studying with work or other activities, you can choose between a full-time or blended mode of study. What are they characterized by?

    1. Full-time – all classes require your direct presence at the university. You are obliged to attend lectures and exercises according to the schedule. Nevertheless, the schedule is arranged in a way that allows you to find time for extracurricular activities.
    2. Blended mode – in this mode, you combine online learning with traditional face-to-face classes. Typically, it is organized in a way that the on-campus classes take place two days a week, while the remaining hours are completed online at a convenient time for you.

    Student discounts!

    The British Isles are very student-friendly, so you can expect a range of discounts and benefits as a student. Among the many benefits, special mention goes to lower prices for public transportation, discounts on food and clothing, as well as more favorable prices for media subscriptions, making studying in the UK less of a financial challenge. Student discount programs like TOTUM and UNiDAYS are also very popular and well-received among students. After registering for the selected plan, you gain access to a wide range of discounts, and in some cases, even additional insurance coverage.

    Are you interested in studying in England? Contact us!

    As you can see, the higher education system in the British Isles is student-friendly and caters to the needs and expectations of young students. If you are tempted by the prospect of studying abroad but don’t know how to apply for studies in the UK, contact us, and we will explain everything to you. The edu-4u.uk team is ready to help you make your dreams come true!

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