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    Study in England in 2021

    If you are thinking about starting your studying in the UK, you should be aware that starting in 2021, they will look slightly different than before. The changes will affect the application process, funding methods, and the organization of studies. The key factor is, of course, the recent Brexit, but we must not forget the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a significant impact on many aspects of life. It has also not spared the academic environment. Do you want to know what has changed? We have gathered the most important information that will help you navigate through the new university reality. Let’s start!

    The English education system during Brexit and the pandemic.

    You need to be aware that at the turn of 2020 and 2021, the British higher education system ceased to function in a way commonly known to people from abroad. Fortunately, the education system in the United Kingdom is truly modern and innovative, allowing it to quickly respond to changing circumstances. Perfect organization and clear procedures have enabled English universities to adapt immediately to the pandemic conditions. Also, in relation to Brexit, solutions have been developed that will be implemented in the near future to address the new reality. The most important fact is that starting your studies at British universities is still possible, regardless of the situation prevailing in the UK and the world.

    Online studies – what does it look like and what are the advantages?

    Distance learning in the UK.

    Many students were concerned about transitioning to remote learning. Do you also have similar concerns? Unnecessarily! Of course, there are several significant downsides to this solution – you can’t have face-to-face contact with lecturers and other students, and you don’t get to experience the opportunities that living in the academic community on campus while studying in the UK offers. Fortunately, you can easily find positives that will allow you to study in a completely different way than before. What about:

    • The possibility of studying from anywhere in the world – from home or while traveling. In some situations, the only obstacle may be a different time zone.
    • Access to an innovative online platform that provides unlimited access to materials, digital libraries, and consultations with lecturers,
    • Flexibility in terms of time and learning format. Some classes take place at set times, while you can go through the rest of the materials at a convenient time for you.

    Sounds good, right?

    The application process: it’s easier than you think!

    Do you dream of studying in the UK, but are you worried that it is difficult to get into it in the current conditions? On the contrary! If the subjects you took in your high school exams years ago no longer fit the course you want to pursue, or if your matriculation exam results were not satisfactory, consider the so-called “foundation courses.” foundation year. The foundation year in the UK education system is designed for individuals who want to start their studies, even if they do not meet all the requirements necessary for applying to a specific course. If you are applying directly to undergraduate studies, check the specific requirements of the universities or write to us for assistance! We will guide you from A to Z through the entire process so that even in this challenging time, you can get into your dream course at a British university.

    Tuition after Brexit. It doesn’t have to be higher!

    Are you convinced that after Brexit, studying in the UK is primarily about high costs? Not necessarily! Until the end of June 2021, you still have time to apply for pre-settled or settled status, which will allow you to have your studies funded on the old terms. You will receive a student loan for the entire duration of your studies as well as a housing allowance, which will help you cover the cost of accommodation in a dormitory or other place. Of course, due to the pandemic, it is still uncertain when a return to campuses will be possible, so it is worth keeping track of issues related to funding in various areas. One thing is certain – Brexit did not eliminate the chances of starting your studies at English universities, so don’t wait any longer – apply now!

    Seize your opportunity for a British diploma!

    Despite significant changes in policies and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, do not give up on your dreams of an international diploma. Just gather the documents and try your luck in the next admission process. In case of any doubts, get in touch with us, and we will help you smoothly navigate through this process so that you can soon enjoy the status of a student at one of the British universities.

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