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    studying in the UKYou dream about studying in the United Kingdom. You passed your high school exams with flying colors, and your English speaking skills are quite good as well. You are ready for new challenges. Only one thing worries you: who will pay for all this? You’ve heard that studying in the UK costs a lot of money, right? Right at the beginning, we want to reassure you. In reality, almost everyone can afford higher education in England because you don’t pay for it from your pocket – at least not initially. We want to explain to you how much studying in England costs. If you want to know more, keep reading!

    Direction: England. What`s next?

    When choosing to study in the United Kingdom, you need to consider several factors. While tuition fees for studies might not be a big issue, the costs of accommodation, living expenses, transportation, and entertainment are entirely up to you. It’s worth considering all these matters, as it might turn out that your parents’ assistance will be essential at the beginning. Certainly, you’ll feel more secure knowing that in a crisis, you can count on their support. If you’re unsure about the costs you’ll have to deal with and how to manage them, take advantage of our assistance in organizing your trip.
    Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most important aspects.

    How much does studying in the UK cost?

    The annual tuition fee at a British university is a concern. Tuition fees at a public university are around. £9 250. Over three years of study, this will amount to a total of £27,000. If these are your first studies, don’t view these costs as obstacles to starting your education in England. You can obtain a loan for tuition fees in the UK either on your own or with our assistance. You will start repaying it only when your earnings after graduating exceed £21,000 per year. At that point, you will be obligated to pay a specified monthly installment, which is often lower than a phone subscription. Don’t you think that’s a pretty good deal?
    You’re right, however, the costs don’t end there. What will you have to pay out of pocket for?

    Student living expenses

    A good choice to start with will be a university dormitory. Outside of London, this is the most budget-friendly option. At the same time, you will easily make numerous contacts and take advantage of resident benefits, such as free access to the gym or swimming pool. Later on, it will be easier to rent a student apartment with friends and gain a bit more independence. Remember that you also need to take care of basic matters such as food, transportation (we’ll help you find student discounts), and expenses related to studying – books and materials. Surely, you’ll want to have at least a small sum to spend on entertainment – like going to the cinema or hanging out at a pub with friends.
    What can you do to have more money while studying in the UK?

    Additional funding options: work, scholarships, loans

    study in Birmingham, UKEven if your parents are unable to financially support your start or you simply don’t want to rely on their assistance, you have a variety of solutions available to help you sustain yourself. The most important aspect is the tuition fee loan, which allows you to avoid worrying about the high cost of studying in the UK. Furthermore, education at British universities is very well organized. You don’t spend long hours sitting unproductively in lectures. You need to allocate around 15 hours per week for classes, which allows you to work and earn for your living expenses from the first year. You can also apply for scholarships, such as sports or academic scholarships while studying in the UK. Some universities provide small initial funding, which can certainly be helpful for every freshman.

    Plan your studies in the UK with us!

    As you can see, stories about the cost of studying in the UK are often not entirely true. Your parents don’t need to have a wealthy portfolio for you to fulfill your dream of studying at a British higher education institution. All you need to do is to make use of the expertise of specialists and plan everything well. Remember that we’re here for you, and we’ll help you navigate both the university application process and organize everything you need to ensure your start is smooth and hassle-free. At every stage, you can rely on expert assistance in choosing the best options for you. Don’t let money hold you back from pursuing your dreams!

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