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    Klaudia Animucka | Studiuj w Anglii!

    Klaudia Animucka

    Origin: Poland

    Chosen University

    Direction of Study

    Criminology and Criminal Justice System



    Hey! My name is Klaudia and I have completed my 2nd year of study in Criminology and Criminal Justice System. Studying in the UK came out completely by accident, during my stay in the United States as an au pair. I knew that he definitely did not want to return to Poland and having a comparison with the education system at the University in Poland

    I needed a total change. The main reason for studying in England was to learn English and on top of that to be able to get an additional degree this time from a British university and what? Huge prospects. I’ll be honest, after the first year, I realized that I would like to work in HR, but I’m studying Criminology, after all. What does one have to do with the other? NOTHING. But… in Poland, it’s still WOW. I put together resumes all over the country for HR internships and guess what? I have heard back from every company. I completely didn’t expect this because what do I have to do with human resources? I selected a few companies that I really wanted to get into, and each of them

    impressed that he is studying in the UK. After the internship, I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted, so my search for my dream job continues haha

    As for university admission, the high school diploma does not have to be out of the blue at all. We don’t have to be the alpha and omega to study at a British university. I am a good example of this

    At my high school graduation, I had only 76% in basic English – I didn’t even take the extension. Of course, the requirements for each direction are quite different but EDU4U

    He will perfectly inform you and, most importantly, help you choose that dream direction.

    After arriving in Leicester, I found a job within 3 hours, so finding a job is not a problem, you don’t have to worry. You will be able to pick and choose.

    Bars, restaurants, warehouses, and office jobs are all looking for students for part-time work, although you can also work full-time like I do. The first 2 years I worked

    mostly in factories or restaurants, but my record in one job is one month because I like changes. Currently, I work as an admin in an office and I enjoy it.

    Together I plan to stay longer. When it comes to working hours, you can work things out with employers. I work from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and when I have classes, I adjust my work hours accordingly.

    I just go out to class and go back to work. This is how I got along with my boss so as you can see anything is possible.

    Of course, working part-time allows us to sustain ourselves and live normally, but since I love traveling, working full-time is more suitable for me, haha

    When it comes to accommodation, I rented a 2-bedroom flat with a friend from a private landlord; you can find such landlords on Gumtree. The price of such

    accommodations are about 250 pounds. I find life in Leicester cheap (cheaper than in Szczecin haha). Bars, restaurants still offer special discounts for


    Additional assistance that students can receive is a maintenance loan paid in 3 installments. I can’t hide the fact that the loan helped me a lot but I didn’t expect it

    I was expecting to receive it because I was doing all the paperwork myself and didn’t know what it consisted of. I put the entire loan aside for my final year of college + purchased

    auto. I figured the car could be useful because I have a wider range of job searches and what? Better wages. In addition, out of a passion for travel, I now have no

    restrictions and I can visit all of England and other countries

    The total number of lecture hours per week for my course: Criminology and Criminal Justice System is 8 hours for the 1st and 2nd years.

    Examples of subjects in my field of study are:

    – Crime and Punishment in Contemporary Society

    – Research, Equality and Diversity

    – Families, Crime and Justice

    – Crime, Deviance and Subcultures

    – Crime, Risk and Community Safety

    The university assigns a personal tutor to each student, which means that at every step, we can seek professional advice from our chosen lecturer.

    You are probably interested in what the credits look like, in my case, 75% of the credits are essays, which we know several months in advance (whereas in Poland we had about a week / two

    for writing this type of work) so in my opinion there is no way to fail it. The last 25% of credits are already exams, which consist of a choice test, namely A,B,C,D. Sometimes you may encounter a group presentation. My favorite form of credit surprisingly are exams – they always go best for me !

    Prospective students! Don’t hesitate just start your adventure at a British university – you won’t regret it!