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    Damian Maciuszek

    Damian Macieszek

    Origin: Poland

    Chosen University

    Direction of Study

    Sport Management



    Hello, my name is Damian Maciuszek and I am 22 years old. I have been studying at the University of Derby since September. I’m currently in my Foundation Year studying Sports Management. I have been relocating all over Europe for the past 3 years. I love traveling and sports. I chose to study in the UK because of the opportunities. But let’s get to the specifics.

    Who is studying in England for? Sincerely for everyone! I decided to study in the UK because here the system is different than in Poland, a lot of importance is given to practice and action, less theory. I personally am of the opinion that from the practice more the student will remember, forging on a sheet of metal is pointless. Classes are held 2-4 days a week, with each session typically lasting around 3 hours. So first and foremost, the emphasis is on efficiency.

    The exams also require more thinking than forging the sheet metal. The research done and your opinion is the way to go! In exams; in essay form, we describe what the world will look like in 20 years; in oral form, we discuss which jobs will be replaced by technology, and which professions will be safe.
    It is important to note that EU students are entitled to a maintenance loan from the British government, so you don’t have to worry about financing your studies. But if you would like to know the details of financing, be sure to contact Edu4u!

    An important point is that there are a lot of people from all over the world studying here, so acquaintances and friendships can be made really easily and pleasantly. What will be useful in the future? If you are worried that you don’t know enough English to study here, eliminate that thought right away, the teachers will help you, and by listening and talking you will quickly improve your language skills.

    Outside of classes, there are plenty of societies to join. Among others, there are film, music, language, politics, business, e-sports, and even Quidditch groups. Also at the University of Derby, you have the opportunity to train in many sports, including. American Football, Archery, Cricket, Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Canoeing or Winter Sports. The university has several campuses in the city; which translates into the fact that there is a main building with some infrastructure and other specialized ones. Students learn in the realities of their future professions, including. In the operating room, in court, in labs, on the radio, or on “Wall Street.”

    As for accommodation, you can live in the dormitories (cost about £500/
    per month) or in private rooms (about £300/month). When it comes to living costs, such as food and entertainment students spend about £300/month. Eager people will certainly find work, I make money online but I catch up on Uber Eats, where you can earn approx. 12 pounds per hour. If someone is not afraid of heavy work, he can start with an employment agency that will send a person, for example, to a factory 12 pounds/hour on nights in such work is the norm! Derby is a college town, so if one is in favor of partying one will feel very comfortable in such studies, due to the large number of bars and clubs.

    Students also have a great deal of discounts, such as on transportation, among others. Free buses in Derby that commute to the university and other campuses, and discounts on food or clothing are the norm.

    Living and studying in England is completely different than in Poland! Certainly easier! Also, if you are still hesitating, I say go study in England.
    I applied on my own, and had a lot of difficulties with it; I was, first of all, without IELTS (it is not necessary to study in the UK, but not all universities are easy to get into without it). Today I am convinced that if I applied with edu4u I would save myself time and stress! Edu4u will help you sort things out from A to Z, from housing and job options to student loans, to choosing the right major if you don’t know what you want to go for yet! Therefore, apply to edu4u and you will surely gain a lot from it!