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    Four myths about post-graduate work.

    A long time ago, studies were a guarantee of obtaining well-paid and prestigious employment. How is it now? Does a job await all students? Will graduation give you a good salary? Today we are busting the 4 most popular myths about post-graduate work.

    Myth 1 – Today, everyone must complete some form of study.

    Myths about post-graduate work.As in most myths, there is a grain of truth in this one as well. Currently, the availability of studies is much greater, and this also applies to universities in the United Kingdom. Firstly, universities in the UK have long opened their doors to students from all over the world, so you can also choose to pursue any undergraduate studies in England. Secondly, not even money, or rather the lack of it, will stand in your way. Universities in the United Kingdom have a rich scholarship offer, and besides, you can always access an attractive Tuition Fee Loan or Maintenance Loan to support your living expenses.

    However, the fact that today most people can pursue studies does not necessarily mean that, firstly, they will complete them, and secondly, that they will decide to enroll in the first place. When pursuing any studies, whether in the United Kingdom or Poland, you will quickly realize that the number of students tends to decrease in the following years. Sometimes, someone may decide that a particular course is not suitable for them, while another person may simply struggle to cope with it. Starting studies also does not mean that they will definitely be completed.

    Indeed, currently, studies are quite popular, but only when compared to times when only the elite pursued higher education. Today, nevertheless, many people complete their education at the secondary level. Due to this reason, a higher education diploma is still desirable among employers.

    Myth 2 – There are no jobs for graduates.

    Such a presentation is also a considerable simplification. Everything depends on the course you choose and the university you select. If you decide to study in the United Kingdom, you should not have significant difficulties finding a job. Based on available data, approximately 90-95% of higher education graduates in England find well-paid post-graduate work without any difficulty within 6 months of completing their studies.

    However, this does not mean that you should not help yourself in this regard. Above all, you can start looking for work opportunities already at the beginning of your studies. At most universities in the UK, you can use the so-called. The Sandwich Year is a paid, year-long internship. Not only will you have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained in practice during the Sandwich Year, but the employer may also offer you a permanent position after completing your studies.

    Myth 3 – After studies, you have to do an unpaid internship.

    Benefits of Foundation Year in LondonSome graduates, after completing their studies, can fall into a vicious circle. They cannot find a job because of a lack of experience. And they cannot gain experience because they cannot find a job. In such a situation, an unpaid internship may seem like the only way out. Fortunately, in most cases, it will not be necessary. Especially if you complete your studies in the United Kingdom.
    As we have emphasized multiple times, studies in England are primarily focused on practical training and gaining professional experience. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to engage in internships and placements that will enhance your CV with substantial positions, allowing you to find well-paying post-graduate work immediately after obtaining your diploma.

    Furthermore, as we mentioned before, you can always take advantage of the option of a year-long, paid (!!!) internship between the second and third year of your studies.

    Myth 4 – Completing studies guarantees finding a job.

    While it’s not entirely a myth, if you assume that right after completing your diploma, you will receive calls from top companies, you might indeed be surprised. Especially if throughout your entire period of studies, you haven’t paid much attention to what you want to do in the future. However, if you take your studies seriously, apply yourself to learning, work on projects, and build connections, finding well-paying employment after graduation will only be a matter of time.

    Why is it worth studying in Great Britain?

    Will graduation guarantee you a well-paid job? No. Of course, individuals who completed their education after secondary school also find their place in the job market. However, studies significantly increase the opportunities you can leverage when choosing a career path. Especially since some employers require their employees to have completed higher education studies.

    And since you have already decided to start your studies, it is worth choosing a university and a course that will increase your chances of getting your dream job in the future. For this reason, pursuing undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom will be an excellent solution. Not only will you acquire knowledge aligned with the latest trends and invaluable practical skills for the job market, but you will also have the opportunity to master English to an almost perfect level. Such a diploma will provide you with a significant advantage in both the Polish and international job markets. However, you must remember that merely starting or completing studies alone is not enough. Future employers expect an active approach to job searching and initiative. If you can provide them with that, you won’t have any problems finding a job after your studies in the United Kingdom.

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