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    MSc Leadership and Human Resources Management

    For individuals seeking to advance in management or HR management related to business, this one-year MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management is available. This course offers a depth of knowledge in the specialized field of human resource management while continuing to assist you in further developing important transferable skills that are sought after by many employers. It includes a variety of modules in coaching and mentoring, employment relations, leadership, organizations, and developing people.

    The MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management can improve your workplace and organization right away. You will increase your ability to do effective research, formulate strategies, steer and control change, and cultivate a high-performance culture.

    Course Overview

    What will I study?

    The goal of the MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management degree is to acquaint you with the theoretical foundations necessary for a career in a contemporary, dynamic workplace. Your learning has been made as dynamic and realistic as possible because the course was designed to include a large amount of exposure to the professional world.

    While learning from our qualified specialists, who have a wealth of practical experience to aid you in developing the skills that companies are searching for, you will get to experience the realities of working within a firm. Through a supportive, applicable, and demanding curriculum that is closely aligned with professional body criteria, our objective is to help you develop your skills and employability so that your qualification is acknowledged as a high-quality endorsement of your abilities.

    This program has been successfully accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, earning it a professional credential. The CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership will be awarded to graduates who take the course in person or online in the UK.

    Before pursuing a PhD or a Master of Business Administration, it is an excellent place to start if you're thinking about continuing your education after this course (MBA).


    Level of study

    Start date




    Hours per week



    MSc Leadership and Human Resources Management


    October, February, May

    1 year

    London, Birmingham, ONLINE

    Weekends, Weekdays


    £9000 - £10000

    Eligible for Master’s Loan

    Degree MSc Leadership and Human Resources Management

    Level of study: Postgraduate

    Start date: October, February, May

    Duration: 1 year

    Location: London, Birmingham, ONLINE

    Delivery: Weekends, Weekdays

    Hours per week: 8-12h

    Fees: £9000 - £10000 per year

    Finances: Eligible for Master’s Loan


    Year 1

    ● Global Business Strategy (15 credits)
    ● Innovation Management in a Digital Age (15 credits)
    ● Success Through Business Ethics (15 credits)
    ● Leading, & Developing People (15 credits)
    ● Strategic Human Resource Management (15 credits)
    ● Coaching, Mentoring & Development (15 credits)
    ● Employee Relations (15 credits)
    ● Organisational Development (15 credits)
    ● Responsibility of Directors (15 credits)
    ● Business Project (45 credits)
    ● Professional Development (non-credit bearing)

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    Entry Requirements

    To be eligible for this course, you should normally have:

    • A UK bachelor’s degree at a minimum of second class (2.2) or equivalent
    English language requirements (if you don’t have British Bachelor)
    • An English language level equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or above, with a minimum of 5.5 in each component.
    • Alternatively, you need to pass Internal English Test.


    You will be assessed formally through a mix of individual assignments, group work and Dissertation/Project work.

    Funding & Fees

    Funding for your studies
    All of the students will receive Student Finance which means that you don't need to pay anything.

    Master’s Loan
    You can borrow up to £11,836 with an English postgraduate loan for a Masters starting in 2022-23. This amount was £11,570 for the 2021-22 academic year.

    The money will be paid directly to your bank account to use for tuition fees and / or living costs. There isn't a separate postgraduate maintenance loan.

    Payments are divided equally across your course and paid in three instalments per academic year.

    You'll get:
    ● 33% at or near your course start date (once your university confirms your registration)
    ● 33% on the last Wednesday of the 4th month of your course
    ● 34% on the last Wednesday of the 7th month of your course

    If your master course costs £7,500 and your loan is £11,836 in your bank accounts stays:

    £11,836 - £7,500 = £4,336

    Repayment info and more you can find at below the government website: