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    Even if you have no prior work or managerial experience, the MBA course has been specifically designed to assist recent graduates in moving further in their careers. You will graduate from this program with a full MBA degree and the skills necessary to launch a fulfilling career in business and management.

    The best choice This programme offers you the rare chance to use your MBA degree as a springboard into a managerial career if you recently graduated from your bachelor degree or have little work experience. You'll get in-depth understanding of current business practices in your industry, as well as the skills to use emerging trends and innovations to your advantage while implementing strategic company transformations. The course will assist you in developing the specialized skills necessary to launch a successful career in today's dynamic business climate since it places a strong emphasis on the most modern, practice-based learning.

    Course Overview

    What will I study?

    Through course modules designed by our seasoned business and management practitioners to offer your studies a "real world" focus, this MBA will engage and excite you. Your confidence in making strategic managerial decisions will increase because to our utilization of real client case studies and practice-based learning, which will also provide you the in-demand skills you'll need for the future.

    You will be urged to collaborate closely with your classmates throughout the course, sharing your professional experiences in order to advance the group's learning. This will assist you in creating an international network of colleagues with whom you can continue to develop motivating ties long after your studies with us are over.

    Modern virtual business simulations will also be introduced to you, which will assist you in reacting to the many chances and difficulties you might encounter in your future management career. You will graduate from the MBA program with the workplace preparation needed to confidently enter the business world by emphasizing professional growth at its center.

    This means that by the end of the course, you'll have acquired the practical skills necessary to manage and lead in the flexible workplace of today. This, along with your understanding of how to promote corporate change, will give you a strong, contemporary skill set that top companies in a variety of fascinating industries will be looking for.


    Level of study

    Start date




    Hours per week





    September, January

    1 year

    London, ONLINE

    Weekends, Weekdays


    £10950 per year

    Eligible for Master’s Loan

    Degree MBA

    Level of study: Postgraduate

    Start date: September, January

    Duration: 1 year

    Location: London, Birmingham, Manchester

    Delivery: Weekends, Weekdays or Evenings

    Hours per week: 8 - 12h

    Fees: £10950 per year

    Finances: Eligible for Master’s Loan


    ● Professional Practice in Business & Management (20 credits)
    ● Competitive Strategy (20 credits)
    ● Financial Management (20 credits)
    ● Introduction to Supply Chain Management (20 credits)
    ● Leading People (20 credits)
    ● Social Media Marketing (20 credits)
    ● Business Project (60 credits)

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    Entry Requirements

    To be eligible for our MBA, you should normally have:

    • Any recognised undergraduate degree awarded within the past 5 years at level 2:2 or above.
    English language requirements (if you don’t have British Bachelor)
    • IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6.0 in any element); or TOEFL iBT 90; or equivalent.
    • Alternatively, evidence you have previously studied in English, such as a letter to show that the Medium of Instruction was in English can be accepted.
    • Duolingo with an overall score of 120 (check the below table)
    Duolingo Undergraduate Postgraduate(TBC*)
    Overall Band 105 120
    Literacy 95 105
    Conversion 85 95
    Comprehension 105 115
    Production 75 85


    ● Transformation plan
    ● Group work
    ● Negotiated assessment
    ● Personal audit
    ● Presentation
    ● Critical reflection
    ● Portfolio
    ● Podcasts/Vodcasts
    ● Marketing plan and social media campaign
    ● Project/consultancy report

    Funding & Fees

    Funding for your studies
    All of the students will receive Student Finance which means that you don't need to pay anything.

    Master’s Loan
    You can borrow up to £11,836 with an English postgraduate loan for a Masters starting in 2022-23. This amount was £11,570 for the 2021-22 academic year.

    The money will be paid directly to your bank account to use for tuition fees and / or living costs. There isn't a separate postgraduate maintenance loan.

    Payments are divided equally across your course and paid in three instalments per academic year.

    You'll get:
    ● 33% at or near your course start date (once your university confirms your registration)
    ● 33% on the last Wednesday of the 4th month of your course
    ● 34% on the last Wednesday of the 7th month of your course

    If your master course costs £7,500 and your loan is £11,836 in your bank accounts stays:

    £11,836 - £7,500 = £4,336

    Repayment info and more you can find at below the government website: