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    The recent Brexit has introduced a lot of upheaval in the university environment. If you think that all hope is lost and you have no chance of studying at a higher education institution in England, you are mistaken! UK residents still have access to attractive opportunities offered by the British education system! In the UK, you can start studying even without a high school diploma. Wondering how is it possible? We are already explaining! Read carefully and take advantage of our practical advice.

    What is Year Zero in England?

    In the British higher education system, there is a Foundation Year program. It’s a great option if you want to change your professional profile. By choosing a foundation year, you can also pursue studies even if your stay in the UK was previously solely related to work. You don’t even need your high school diploma! However, when preparing your application for a Foundation Year, keep in mind that you will need an English language certificate. Living in the UK on a daily basis, you will certainly pass it without any problems. You have several options to choose from:

    • IELTS with a minimum score of 4.5,
    • TOEFL,
    • TOEIC,
    • CAE,
    • CPE,
    • PTE.

    For some universities, only the Polish matura in English at an advanced level with a minimum score of 50% is sufficient. If you have any doubts, write to us – we will help you verify that!

    What is Year Zero Learning?

    Studying in the UK without a high school diploma - the Foundation Year.

    The Foundation Year is a time that you will use very productively. Indeed, you will spend more hours at the university during the Foundation Year than in later undergraduate studies, but you will gain a lot from it. Above all, you have the opportunity to significantly improve your English language skills. During such “pre-studies,” the university places a strong emphasis on familiarizing students with academic language. Additionally, you will learn, among other things: write essays, reports, and read academic texts. You will also learn a lot about effective studying. What does this mean in practice? You will work in groups, learn research techniques, methods of data analysis and interpretation, and acquire skills that will aid you in your studies. Take advantage of this opportunity because a foundation year in the UK is a great chance to immerse yourself in the local higher education system.

    What fields of study can you choose?

    When starting your journey with a British university, you have several main paths to choose from. They will prepare you for further study at the undergraduate level. Look at the available areas along with examples of specific courses.

    The path Examples of courses
    Engineering and Computing Business Information Systems, Energy Engineering, Software Engineering
    Pharmacy Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Sciences
    Business and Law Accounting and Finance, Economics, Law
    Media Communication Arts, Visual Effects, Journalism and Politics
    Life Sciences/Psychology Biomedical Science, Psychology, Criminology
    Art and Design Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design

    If you’re feeling a bit lost and the courses of study in England are keeping you up at night, get in touch with us! We will help you with the selection and application for the Foundation Year.

    Why is it worth trying

    Are you hesitating about whether it is really worth taking advantage of year zero? Take a look at the following list of benefits:

    1. As a resident of the British Isles, you can apply for a student loan for the Foundation Year as well. You are guaranteed a place in the university accommodation.
    2. You will improve your English and familiarize yourself with the education system before starting your proper studies. By starting your undergraduate degree, you will feel more confident.
    3. You will establish international connections. They will come in handy if you will be looking for flatmates for your first apartment.
    4. The number of classes at the university will allow you to work simultaneously. You will gain experience and earn some extra money for small pleasures.
    5. Foundation Year guarantees admission to the course of your choice. If you decide to change universities, the admissions committee will look at your application more favorably.

    Ready to participate in recruitment?

    As you can see, studying without a high school diploma in the UK is possible! If you are thinking about a better job or want to change your industry, a bachelor’s degree will open many doors for you. Start your university journey with a Foundation Year, which will help you smoothly transition into academic structures and gain confidence. Get in touch with us – we will help you choose the university and complete all the formalities to ensure your application is successfully reviewed. Are you ready for a new challenge?


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