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    work and study in the ukBalancing work and study, whether at home or abroad, can be a daunting challenge. Many individuals seek additional employment to achieve financial independence, enhance their quality of life, and gain valuable experience. If you’re beginning your studies at a UK university and wondering about job prospects, don’t fret! At Edu4u, we offer guidance on what to consider when searching for work and study opportunities


    Is it worth to work and study at the same time?

    The difficulty of combining study and work is largely related to the chosen field of study – some programs are more demanding than others. This does not mean that some are more important and others less. There are simply directions that need to be given more attention. Therefore, effective time management is very important.

    Starting a student’s work is a good step towards achieving independence. It allows for saving money for a rainy day, but also for improving the quality of life or enjoying various forms of entertainment, such as going on vacation. On edu4u.uk, you will find statements from individuals who effectively combine studying and working while in the UK.

    The British education system at universities is highly practical. What does this mean? The student spends several hours per week in classes (usually around 15), and the rest of their free time is dedicated to self-study. Many people, taking advantage of the opportunity, take up part-time work – it is a very popular and recommended practice applied by both UK residents and foreigners.

    By deciding to start a professional career, you gain more than just earnings. The most important element is collecting experience. Remember, even in a job unrelated to your future career, you can learn many valuable things, such as teamwork or time management. Another significant advantage is making new acquaintances, as well as practicing the English language.

    Financial independence for students abroad? Check out the available options!

    Earning your own, even small, money is a valuable lesson and allows you to achieve financial independence. Thanks to having your own savings or funds for current expenses, you gain comfort. It is crucial because you can better focus on your studies, achieve better results, and ultimately land your dream job.

    Full-time or part-time study – we explain the difference

    You will encounter terms such as full-time and part-time when choosing your studies. This indicates the model in which classes will be conducted. The first option(full-time) is a classical, full-time study program, where the program is completed in 3 years. The second option is to have fewer classes per semester (the program is more spread out), but the total study time can extend up to 6 years.

    Not all universities have a part-time option available. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that it is also possible to start working part-time in those fields of study where it is only full-time.

    Casual work – what industries to target?

    study and work, work during educationDuring the job search, there are practically no rules or limitations regarding the nature of the job. It can be related to one’s passion or chosen field of study, or it can be completely unrelated to it. Students are, however, somewhat time-limited due to the classes taking place at the university. That’s why they decide to collaborate with employers with whom they can establish a flexible schedule or work on a part-time basis.

    Some of the most popular industries include:

    • gastronomy (cafes, bars, restaurants),
    • hospitality,
    • childcare,
    • Commerce (stores, markets),
    • handling events, concerts,
    • logistics.

    How much will you earn in the UK?

    The amount of salary is determined individually by the employer. However, it must be in accordance with the current terms of the national minimum wage. In certain locations, such as a restaurant, hotel, or bar, you can additionally collect tips. This definitely helps increase the budget.

    Do you have questions? Get help from our specialists!

    Studying in the UK can be a fantastic adventure, but unfortunately – it can be expensive. If you want to start a job, but don’t quite know what kind or where to find it, take advantage of Edu4u’s offer. Experienced experts will be happy to provide advice and help with formalities. The money you earn will allow you to pursue your dreams and goals. You will gain independence and learn self-reliance – this is very important. Go to edu-4u.uk and contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions!

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