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    Lancaster University

    Lancaster University Lancaster University to kolegialna uczelnia w brytyjskim mieście Lancaster i członek N8 Research Partnership, czyli stowarzyszenia ośmiu uniwersytetów ...

    University of Aberdeen

    University of Aberdeen University of Aberdeen zaprasza absolwentów szkół średnich do przyłączenia się do naukowej społeczności uniwersytetu w Szkocji. Uczelnia została ...

    University of South Wales

    University of South Wales University of South Wales jest jednym z największych uniwersytetów w Wielkiej Brytanii, oferującym studentom doskonałe możliwości ...

    Swansea University

    Swansea University Swansea University znalazł się na liście 15 najlepszych uniwersytetów w Wielkiej Brytanii na rok 2020 według Complete University ...

    London South Bank University

    London South Bank University London South Bank University znajduje się londyńskiej dzielnicy Southwark i jest jedną z pięciu największych uczelni ...

    Manchester Metropolitan University

    MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY Manchester Metropolitan University to jeden z największych i najpopularniejszych uniwersytetów w Wielkiej Brytanii pod względem liczby składanych ...

    Keele University

    Keele University Keele University to położony w samym sercu Anglii uniwersytet, który słynie z wysokiej jakości edukacji oraz badań naukowych ...

    Liverpool Hope University

    Liverpool Hope University Liverpool Hope University to stosunkowo niewielki uniwersytet w Wielkiej Brytanii, który jednak może poszczycić się ponad 170-letnią ...

    University of Lincoln

    University of Lincoln University of Lincoln mieści się w historycznym, katedralnym mieście, a jego początki sięgają już 1861 roku. Z ...

    Search engine for universities in England

    Would you like to study abroad? Do you want to get the best education? Do you want to have practical knowledge, not just mere theory? Do you care about a high level of teaching and getting the best job after graduation? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you should definitely consider studying in the UK. According to popular rankings, universities in England are very popular among Polish students. They guarantee the best education, which later contributes to reaching the top of your career in the international labor market. If you are wondering which institution to choose, use our help. Functional, easy to use Search engine for universities in England will help you find reputable, most recommended, and respectable points in the UK, which you certainly cannot pass by indifferently. Current data shows that over 25% of Europe’s best universities are located there! See on the site Search engine for universities in England will help you choose the one that meets your expectations. You will find with us a wide base of the most reputable universities in the UK, data is updated regularly. Only here is so much valuable information available about the education or recruitment process.

    Ranking of universities in England

    The quality of university education is constantly growing. The UK is leading the way in this area. Ranking created by the Times Higher Education newspaper, which includes a total of 200 different institutions from all over Europe, distinguishes 46 British universities, where the University of Oxford came first, and the University of Cambridge came second. Also ranked high were:
    • Imperial College London
    • University College London
    • London School od Economics and Political Science
    • University of Edinburg
    • King’s College London
    The Times Higher Education journal is considered one of the best sources to qualify UK universities. Also ranking from 2019, conducted by The Guardian University Guide, ranks British institutions highly, stating that they are currently considered to be one of the best and most modern in the world. Among the 25 renowned British universities is the University of Portsmouth in southern England, boasting one of the highest student employment rates just 6 months after graduation. The organization has also received an award in Teaching Excellence Framework ranking. Current Rankings of universities in Great Britain will allow you to find one that will provide the highest level of education. The criteria followed by the majority of universities , vary, but the most common are:
    • student satisfaction – an indicator allows to determine the satisfaction of students and their perception of everyday life at the university ;
    • opportunities offered by graduation – data allowing to determine what career prospects look like after 6 months of graduation;
    • university staff – presenting the attitude of students to academic teachers and estimating how much the university invests in teaching staff;
    • initial grades – this indicator shows what grades students came to the university with. Despite the fact that it usually occupies a very high place in the rankings, this criterion should not be fully followed. Very often it turns out that the initial requirements of individual universities are lower than the initial grades obtained by students.
    Ranking of universities in England will allow you to get to know British universities better and help you choose the best one. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information available on our website. We focus primarily on quality, which is why the data we present is based on reliable and up-to-date sources. In addition, we do not focus only on basic information about the university – the recruitment process or the quality of teaching, but we also provide other valuable content for future students, including:
    • honors and achievements obtained by a given university;
    • accommodation cost and living in a given city;
    • faculties and courses offered by the university;
    • local events;
    • number of students;
    • professional opportunities.
    This type of detailed information will help you get to know the universities you are considering in an even better way. The website rankings are constantly updated, so using our help, you can be sure that you will always find real and up-to-date content.

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