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    Benefits of UCAS extra in UKWhen applying for studies in the UK, you can select up to five courses. Well, five, just five? If you receive unconditional offers from your chosen universities, having a selection of five courses will likely feel completely sufficient. But what if you only get negative offers? Does this mean that you will have to forget about studying in England? Of course not. All you have to do is use the UCAS Extra option.

    What is UCAS Extra?

    UCAS Extra is one of the steps you can take to get admitted to undergraduate studies in the UK. As you probably already know, initially, you can indicate five chosen courses in your university application. If you’re not accepted to any of them or you decline them yourself, you can take advantage of the Extra option. This involves adding one additional course to your UCAS account, which is the Extra option.

    The option to add a course through Extra is available from late February to July.

    How can I use UCAS Extra?

    Everything you need to know about LondonThe possibility to use UCAS Extra will appear on your UCAS account when:

    – you decline all the offers from your chosen universities,

    – you receive negative offers from all of your chosen universities.

    Importantly, you can only indicate one additional course through UCAS Extra at the same time. If you also receive a negative response for that case, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate another course. In most cases, using it for the first time is free of charge. However, for each subsequent choice, you will need to pay a fee (around £5). For this reason, it’s worth carefully analyzing why your application was rejected by the universities in the UK that you initially chose. This way, you’ll be able to choose a course that you are more likely to be accepted to right away. Or at least the likelihood of that happening will be significantly higher.

    Furthermore, before adding a course through UCAS Extra, make sure to contact the chosen university in England. It’s best to call or email with a question about whether there are still vacancies on the specific course. If the response is affirmative, go ahead and add that course through it without hesitation. If not, don’t waste time with that particular university and immediately start looking for an alternative solution.

    What can I do after adding a major through UCAS Extra?

    Once you add a course through UCAS Extra, all you can do is wait for a response from the university. The offer will be sent to you via email, to the address you provided when setting up your UCAS account.

    UCAS Extra and selection of companies and insurance choice

    As we mentioned before, you can use the option of adding courses through UCAS Extra when you have received only negative offers or you have decided to decline the offers from universities in the UK. What if one or more universities offered you a place in their ranks, and you have already indicated them as a firm choice and insurance choice and then changed your mind?

    This is a challenging situation, but not without a solution. First and foremost, selecting firm and insurance choices block the option of using UCAS Extra. In such a case, you need to unblock it. To do this, get in touch with both UCAS and the universities in England you’ve chosen as your first and second choices.

    If not UCAS Extra, then what?

    It’s possible that you might not get accepted into the course you’ve chosen through UCAS Extra: you could receive another rejection or not meet the entry requirements of the universities in England. In such a case, you’ll have the option to use UCAS Clearing, which is an additional admission process for undergraduate studies in the UK.

    UCAS Extra is a solution for people who haven’t received a positive offer from their chosen universities in the UK or have changed their minds about the course or university they wish to study at. Even though it’s an extra chance to study in England, it’s worth considering your choice of courses and universities from the beginning of the application process. For this purpose, carefully review the requirements of each university and choose those where you realistically have a chance to study. By doing so, you’ll avoid stress and increase your chances of studying in England at a university of your own choice.

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