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    Michał Zwiślak | Studiuj w Anglii!

    Michal Zawislak

    Origin: Poland

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    Hello everyone, my name is Michal Zawislak, and I’m studying Law at De Montfort University Leicester. Studying in England has been my goal since the beginning of my high school education. The main motivation for studying in the UK was the much broader prospects for development and increasing competitiveness in the international job market. Undergraduate law studies last for 3 years and consist of seven core modules that every student must pass, as well as five optional modules chosen from a wide range of possibilities. Classes mainly include lectures and group seminars, but also involve a significant amount of independent work, as the studies typically have only around 12 hours of contact time per week. On the path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you’ll encounter numerous essays, multimedia presentations, and exams. That’s why I always emphasize that to choose these studies and expect to succeed, it’s crucial to take a serious interest in law. After completing 3 years of undergraduate studies, lawyers must also pass a special one-year course: the Legal Practice Course, which teaches the legal skills necessary for further professional practice. The course can be taken part-time, or full-time. I opted for part-time studies to have the opportunity to develop my CV in the meantime. The primary goal of every law graduate is to secure a training contract, which provides a two-year employment opportunity in a law firm. Only such a contract ensures full professional qualification and the possibility of working in law firms or independently.

    One should take the first steps in the UK promptly. The biggest obstacles are formalities and the search for work and accommodation. I’m sure that by utilizing the support of Edu4U in these matters, you will make the right decision and save yourself time and the stress associated with acting independently. I had the opportunity to benefit from invaluable family support, which solved the housing issue, and I found work very quickly. With time, I took up a part-time office job, which I highly recommend to everyone for gaining the necessary experience and building their CV. Working and studying can be combined, but it requires the right approach and acquiring time management skills. Start your preparations from Poland and don’t hesitate to seek advice from people who have taken their first steps in previous years. This also applies to applying for student finance, so you can start working towards qualifying for the maintenance loan from the very first day in the UK.

    The maintenance loan allows you to spread your wings and is a great financial boost that provides comfort and financial independence during your studies, something that would be quite challenging to achieve in Poland. It also enables you to pursue your passions and travel. Such opportunities make studying in the UK no longer an unattainable dream, but the most viable option.

    One of the best aspects of DMU is the atmosphere at the university and the people around you. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, you just need to know who to turn to. You can get in touch with the De Montfort Students Union, and DMU Polish Society, or have a casual chat with representatives from Edu4U to receive essential assistance in the challenging initial steps upon arriving in the UK.

    DMU is primarily known for its active Students’ Union and numerous student societies. Here you will find sports or cultural communities. One such society is the DMU Polish Society, which brings together Polish students in volunteer projects and serves as an excellent platform for socializing. As the president of the society, I’ve met many inspiring people and developed my CV, which is why I strongly encourage everyone to get involved in this initiative to help us grow the Polish student community in the UK. By helping us develop the society, you’ll get to know wonderful people and gain an entry on your CV. That’s why we encourage you to get involved in our committee.

    I deeply believe and hope that in a few years, DMU will be able to boast a wide group of law graduates from Poland, and you won’t regret your decision. On the contrary, just like me, you’ll perceive these studies as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.