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    Dominik Michalski

    Origin: Poland

    Chosen University

    Direction of Study

    Mechanical Engineering



    Hello, my name is Dominik and I am a future student of Mechanical Engineering at De Montfort University in Leicester. I would like to tell you my story related to studying in England. It all started around January 2017 when a friend mentioned to me about the Edu4u agency and the possibility of studying on the islands. I decided that it would be my second option for studies right after the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. I got in touch with an agency and received a list of bachelor’s degree programs that interested me. I chose Mechanical Engineering because the possibility of working in companies like Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce convinced me, as well as the interesting modules (main topics) of classes at different stages of the study.

    After choosing a direction, I got the necessary documents to start applying to DMU. I completed the first document in about 10, among other things, thanks to the help of the agency. After a few days, I received an offer from the university outlining the admission conditions. In my case, the requirements were a minimum of 50% in Physics or Mathematics at the advanced level, as well as 75% in basic English, 60% in advanced English, or 70% in the oral exam for that language. In most cases, to get accepted into the chosen program, it’s enough to score more than 60% on the advanced English exam.
    After a month, once I had sent in my Personal Statement and references, it was time to fill out an application for a tuition loan. As we all know the cost of studying in England is high, with the help of the so-called “cost of studying”. Student finance or just a student loan. It is a loan in name only because the rules for repaying it are designed to put as little strain on our wallets as possible. Repayment of the debt begins only when we achieve earnings higher than 25,000. £ when this happens the bank automatically charges 9% on the excess over this amount. Nowhere else we can get a loan on such favorable terms To obtain it, you need to fill out a fairly extensive form, print it, sign it, and send it by mail to the indicated address along with a passport scan. There’s no need to worry about unclear subpoints. I inundated the agency with waves of sometimes funny and obvious questions, but I was never denied help, and I always received helpful answers. In addition to student finance, we can also apply for a maintenance loan, which covers living expenses, accommodation costs, and other necessities.

    That’s how I got through the entire recruitment process in about a month and was left to wait until matriculation. You will think why so early, because I already arrived in the UK in May, I already explain. Around March, while browsing flight offers to the United Kingdom, I came across a fantastic opportunity: a flight to Manchester for only 70 Polish zlotys. Without much hesitation, I bought the ticket, simultaneously deciding that De Montfort University would be my top choice. Luckily, it turned out that I have family in Manchester who will accommodate me for a few days. After high school graduation, I packed my bags, said goodbye to my family and friends, and set off on the journey of my life. I was very worried about navigating the large airport, but all the routes were excellently marked, and after an hour-long tram journey, I found myself in the center of Manchester. It’s impossible to describe my fascination with the new culture, and environment, and the fear of cars driving on the opposite side. While staying with my family and communicating with the agency through Facebook, we were searching for accommodation. To my surprise, within 3 days, we managed to find a small room at a very favorable price. In addition to that, the Edu4u team helped me organize transportation from Manchester to Leicester.

    For less than £6 I arrived at the site by bus. It didn’t go without problems, as I overslept my stop, but the driver was understanding and turned back at a nearby roundabout to drop me off at the right place. Leicester surprised me even more; the city has its charm, it’s peaceful, and there’s a sense of orderliness. People are very polite and helpful. On the second day of my stay, I managed to meet with Krystian, a member of the Edu4u team and a second-year student of Accounting and Business Management at DMU. Believe me, you won’t find a better Polish guide in all of Leicester. Krystian, while answering my questions related to official matters, led me around the city in a friendly atmosphere. He showed me the university campus, which is truly huge, just like in American movies. I learned where students spend their free time and where they eat. Student life here is fantastic, having a student card a burger with fries and a drink I ate for £6! Krystian helped me with three crucial matters: applying for a NIN (National Insurance Number) necessary for legal work in the UK, crafting an appealing CV, and finding a job.
    All the paperwork took me about a week and after that, I was ready to work. At first I was deterred by the cost of living, I didn’t know how much money to take with me. It turned out that £300 was easily enough for me to feed myself, and pay for my room and other expenses until I found a job. It should be added that I came here alone, if you come with friends it will certainly all go much easier and cheaper. At this point, I can support myself without working all day.

    In my opinion, studying in the UK provides great opportunities for development, here everyone focuses on practice, they do not see the need to learn unnecessary theory. By learning we have the opportunity to get to know a new language and people. Thanks to Edu4u I have started a completely new life, I now have an open path to fulfill my dreams. I think my risk paid off, now I can’t wait to start studying at De Montfort University!