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    How to start studying in De Montfort UniversityBritish universities have been highly esteemed for years, and many people dream of pursuing their education in the United Kingdom, where teaching methods are known for their high effectiveness. One of the more intriguing possibilities is De Montfort University, located in Leicester. Those interested can look forward to a true student campus, brimming with life and opportunities for making new acquaintances, as well as providing a strong foundation for a successful career. Indeed, to get there, it is enough to meet the admission requirements, achieve the specified results in the exam, and apply – it’s a straightforward path to begin an adventure at a renowned university in the UK.


    Studying in the UK – absolutely worth it!

    The teaching methods used in the United Kingdom are considered one of the best education systems in the world. British universities can boast a great reputation, and many people choose to study at one of the well-known institutions.

    The majority of universities are prepared to welcome international students, and they do so willingly. Indeed, international students often have access to additional language courses where they can work on their English skills. Additionally, there are specially designed funding programs to assist them in sustaining themselves throughout the academic year. Yes, on campuses, there are dormitories, making it easy for students to find accommodation for themselves. Absolutely, the decision to study in the UK is a great idea for spending fantastic student years in an interesting place and a good start to a professional career.

    De Montfort University (DMU) is a place that brings together different cultures and personalities. Like most British universities, it stands out for its openness and enthusiastic approach to learning. Studying here offers significant opportunities for achieving success in the future, as confirmed by statistics, with as many as 90% of graduates finding employment after receiving their diplomas.

    University with an artistic character.

    De Montfort University is called an artistic institution because it started its activity as the Leicester School of Art in 1870. Over the years, it underwent a reform and since 1992, it officially holds the status of a university, where not only creative courses are available but much more.

    Four faculties await the students:

    • Technology,
    • Arts, Design, and Humanities,
    • Health and Life Sciences,
    • Business and Law.

    They offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as a range of courses for individuals who did not get accepted into their chosen program or want to further their education in certain fields and try again in the future.

    The most popular courses/subjects.

    study in De Montfort UniversityAmong the most popular choices are programs related to performing arts and music, design and fashion, as well as journalism, criminology, and law. Medical and biological profiles such as pharmacy and biomedical science are highly popular and well-received. Students also eagerly opt for linguistic studies, such as English studies combined with French or Chinese language.

    There are also over 400 courses to choose from, including those preparing for studies in accounting, graphic design, marketing, and media.

    Degrees that prepare you for employment.

    The greatest advantage of British universities is their education approach based on integrating theory with practice and focusing on imparting knowledge and skills that can be effectively applied in the workplace. During the academic year, students have the opportunity to actively participate in classes and scientific research. They have access to modern equipment, and some seminars take place in the field, for example, in a courtroom setting. This makes the university graduates excellent candidates in the job market, and the majority of them have no problem finding satisfying positions.

    What are these? Have you made a decision?

    Studying in the UK offers the opportunity to spend several years on an exceptionally well-organized campus. In addition to interesting exercises and lectures, students can look forward to many activities in a truly student-oriented city like Leicester – there are pubs, clubs, sports halls, and fields.

    If you are planning to start your studies in the UK, check out the offer of edu4u, where you will find answers to all your doubts and have the chance to fulfill your dreams of such a journey. Take advantage of the assistance provided by educational advisors and ambassadors who will help you with necessary formalities and organize your journey. Absolutely! DMU is a great idea for a unique adventure!

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