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    Studying in the UK involves an interview and a test.Studying at one of the British universities is a dream within reach for many people. After submitting the documents, an invitation to an admissions interview often follows, which is the first success but also fills future students with apprehension. There is no reason to worry! We provide tips on how to prepare for it and what to pay attention to during the meeting!

    Interviews at universities in the UK

    Qualification interviews conducted at universities in the UK are a very popular method of assessing the knowledge of interested candidates. Indeed, that is not the only reason. It is also essential to get to know the candidates – during the meeting, skills such as:

    • problem-solving skills,
    • confidence in public speaking,
    • independence,
    • body language,
    • Dealing with a foreign language (including in writing),
    • approach to certain topics and open-mindedness,
    • commitment to the chosen course, and eagerness to learn.

    The invitation itself can be taken as an honor. It means that the initial qualification process has been successful, and the chosen university is interested in the candidate’s application.

    Many people get nervous about the language barrier, but the examiners also take into account many other factors, not just vocabulary and grammar proficiency. If the interviewee shows interest, tries to explain their thoughts, and even – colloquially speaking – figures out how to express something, it is often perceived as an advantage.

    What does an interview look like?

    The duration of the meeting varies – from 15 minutes to even an hour or longer. Exactly, it all depends on the person conducting the interview, how it progresses, the need for conducting a test, or the extent of the topic discussion.

    The admissions interview for studies in the UK.Although the possibility of conducting online meetings has emerged recently, not all universities accept it. Therefore, if there is a chance to participate in the interview in person, it is the best solution. It happens that such a recruitment visit to the university is combined with an open day when you can tour the campus or attend the first lecture. If you decide to attend the interview in person, check if the university offers any funding or reimbursement for travel or accommodation expenses.

    Direct dialogue provides greater comfort and opportunities. It allows for the assessment of body language, tone of voice, reactions to questions, and enthusiasm. This demonstrates that knowledge and skills are as important as attitude and willingness to study.

    What to pay attention to? Here are a few practical tips!

    When preparing for the interview, remember a few rules:

    • Be punctual and carefully read all the information provided in the invitation or other communications from the university;
    • Pay attention to your attire – if the university has not specified dress requirements, it’s best to dress elegantly yet comfortably, so you feel at ease during the interview;
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it shows that you are engaged, analyzing the topic, or expressing interest;
    • Be well-prepared in terms of knowledge – the interviewer may verify your understanding by asking questions related to your chosen field of study;
    • Be honest – ask if you don’t understand something, request hints or clarifications;
    • Try to smile and present an open posture, and also remember about eye contact.

    A written task – proper preparation is the key to success!

    Each university has its own plan for conducting interviews and evaluating candidates individually. However, it is common to combine the oral and written parts of the interview. It happens that there is an essay to prepare on a suggested topic or a classic test that allows efficient verification of knowledge and the ability to understand issues in English.

    One of the options is also the TSA exam, which stands for The Thinking Skills Assessment. It is tailored to the chosen field and consists of two parts – multiple-choice questions and a scientific essay. Sometimes only one part is used. Our specialists at Edu4u will help you prepare for various university entrance exams.

    Discover that it’s simple!

    The most challenging element during the admissions interview is getting rid of stress and believing in one’s abilities. If you are well-prepared in terms of knowledge, confident in your decision, and genuinely want to become a student at your chosen university, try your best to convey this to your interviewer. Demonstrating your passion and commitment can leave a positive impression and increase your chances of a successful outcome. Remember – you will be studying to acquire specialized knowledge! Therefore, the test results are important, but also the commitment and the right approach. At Edu4u we can help you prepare for such a meeting!

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