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    Our Ambassador Program at Edu4u

    We are looking for enthusiastic and proactive individuals to promote the opportunities we offer and increase the reach and influence of our business. If you comfortable working independently, you could be ideal for this role. If you are keen to study in the UK or promote the idea of studying in the UK in EU countries such as Poland, and are a confident communicator and networker, we would love to hear from you. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who are interested in a career in Business, Marketing, Communication, Events, PR or related roles.

    Our aim is to increase awareness about the opportunities and benefits of studying in the UK when compared to studying in other countries such as Poland.

    We believe that the best source of information are the people who belong to our target audience: young, ambitious people who always want to stand out above mediocrity.

    We currently have more than 20 ambassadors actively working for Edu4u, advising and helping those interested in studying in the UK. In addition to the provision of assistance to their friends, part of the ambassadors treated our program as their main source of income for financing their studies.

    Benefits of the role

    • Flexible hours
    • Unrivaled salary that allows hard-working individuals to have no boundaries and decide their own income
    • Develop various skills, including communication, independent working, marketing, team working, direct marketing, planning, presentation skills and organizing events
    • Gain experience in promoting a growing organization
    • Play a key role in working to support students and making a positive contribution to their lives
    • Full training, including training materials provided for free
    • Full cover of logistics costs
    • Opportunity to progress onto managerial roles

    What it involves

    • Working independently and in teams to help promote our business, our ideas and what we offer


    • Utilizing your own networks and connections to recruit students and convince them to study in the UK by applying through us
    • Support us at events, presentations and other recruitment events


    You will need to be:

    • Eligible to work in the UK
    • Over 18 years of age
    • Available for an interview

    Personal qualities

    We expect all of our staff to role-model the attributes we expect of participants in the Edu4u programme:

    Motivation: You will be passionate about Edu4u, show clear drive to want to promote the programme and raise awareness of studying in the UK.

    ∙ Leadership: You will need to work independently and be driven to lead on new ideas, running events and managing your time effectively.

    ∙ Relationship-building: It is vital that you can quickly build relationships with new and existing consumers such as students, institutions and academics.

    ∙ Adaptability: Ideas may not always go according to plan so you need to be able to deal with last-minute changes and the possibility that things may not work out successfully every time.

    ∙ Communication: You will be forthcoming in talking to new people with an ability to influence and persuade others. You should be a confident communicator, speaking positively about Edu4u and remaining on message with the rest of the organization.

    ∙ Problem-solving: The ability to objectively analyze situations, using evidence and clear judgement to generate effective solutions.

    ∙ Self-awareness: The ability to understand, and reflect critically on, both your own personal development and how your actions affect others.

    How to apply

    Email the recruitment team on edu4uinfoo@gmail.com with your CV and cover letter attached and any questions that you might have.