Are you considering going to study engineering in England ? However, you are not sure where to apply and which direction to choose? Nothing unusual! Universities in Great Britain offer many opportunities for researchers. You are surely aware that the level of education offered by education in England differs significantly from the one you know from Poland (https://edu-4u.uk/informacje-i-pomoc/studia-w-anglii-aw- Poland /) . First of all, you will be surprised by the practical approach to the topic, the minimum amount of theory and the lack of „clogs” in the timetable. You want to find out why Great Britain is the best major in engineering? Then do not hesitate and go on to the rest of the article!

Aim high and become an engineer

If you associate your future with a scientific career or dynamic professional development in engineering disciplines , studying in England and the courses available there will be an ideal way for you to start this adventure. You must know that British university graduates are specialists appreciated all over the world. Completing your engineering studies with a good result will open the door to almost any company or institution you will want to cooperate with. If you are ambitious, hardworking and not afraid of challenges, an application to study in the UK is the best investment in your future. Check what to look for when choosing a technical direction !

Technical directions in practice

When deciding to study engineering in England, be prepared for the fact that you will spend many hours in laboratories and laboratories carrying out practical tasks. At universities in the UK you will not experience sitting at lectures and mindless listening to the professor’s reading. On the contrary, you will still be involved in the implementation of projects – individual or group – on real issues or problems. Theory is kept to a minimum, and lab exercises and practical assignments are given priority. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The best universities for engineering studies

The first step before applying to study in the UK  is to choose a university (https://edu-4u.uk/uni Uniwersytet- w- anglii/) . In addition to a number of formal requirements that you must meet, one of the most common criteria is to have an IELTS certificate (https://edu-4u.uk/informacje-i-pomoc/c certat-ielts /) . Is it necessary in all cases? Well no! You can easily find good universities where this document is not required. You have to reckon with the fact that when applying to top technical universities, the IELTS certificate will be necessary and you should apply for it in advance. Check out examples of the best universities for engineering studies in England ! Perhaps you will soon learn one of them?

IELTS not requiredIELTS required
Coventry University

Manchester University

Braford University

Bristol University

Central Lancashire University

Liverpool University


Directions with perspectives

Regardless of the profile of a technical university you choose, you can be sure that education in England will provide you with future-proof, modern study courses . You will gain knowledge and skills that you will use in the rapidly changing modern world. Find out about some examples of  fields of study that are continuously popular among students:

  • Mechanical Engineering – the most general and versatile profile, good for people initially undecided on a specific specialization,
  • Aerospace Engineering – a field of study dealing with aircraft machines, most often combined with learning to pilot and obtaining a license,
  • Chemical Engineering / Process Engineering – science about industrial processes,
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering – a field of study that focuses on the use of electricity and electronics in industry,
  • Civil Engineering – for future architects, town planners, surveyors and transport engineers.

Have you already chosen your studies?

Choosing an engineering degree profile in the UK is not easy, if only because of the number of options and specializations available. You can be sure of one thing: a good technical university in England and a modern direction  are a prospect for development and a dynamic professional career around the world (https://edu-4u.uk/dyszne-warto/) . Once you have decided which course you are going to choose, you have no choice but to apply to study in the UK . It’s really easy with edu-4u.uk!

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